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A free open public domain world database ‘n’ schema for use in any (programming) language (e.g. uses plain text datasets).

Schema Diagram

Everything is a place.



ca, Canada,          CAN, 9 984 670 km²,  34 278 406, un|north america
mx, México [Mexico], MEX, 1 972 550 km², 112 322 757, un|north america
us, United States,   USA, 9 629 091 km², 314 167 157, un|north america

Source: north-america/countries.txt:


Toronto,            ON,   5 583 064
Montréal|Montreal,  QC,   3 824 221
Vancouver,          BC,   2 313 328
Ottawa,             ON,   1 236 324
Calgary,            AB,   1 214 839
Edmonton,           AB,   1 159 869
Québec,             QC,     765 706
Winnipeg,           MB,     730 018

Source: north-america/ca-canada/cities.txt:

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Real World Usage

world.db.admin - A free, open source web admin tool for world.db in Ruby on Rails (version 3.2 and up).

sport.db - free open public domain sports database & schema.

football.db - free open public domain football (soccer) database & schema

formula1.db - free open public domain Formula 1/Formula One database & schema

ski.db - free open public domain ski alpin/alpine ski database & schema

beer.db - free open public domain beer database & schema

Sportbook - free, open source sports betting (prediction) pool in Ruby on Rails (version 3.2 and up).


See the awesome-world page at the Planet Open Data.


The world.db schema, data and scripts are dedicated to the public domain. Use it as you please with no restrictions whatsoever.

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